If you have been arrested for an illegal carry or discharging a weapon consult with a knowledgeable firearms attorney who can help protect your rights. 

When to Hire a Firearm Attorney?

In California, what could be seen as a simple case of self-defense may require the assistance of a firearm attorney.

The legality of United States gun ownership is a controversial topic. Tens of thousands of California citizens are gun owners. If you are a gun owner, you must understand how to stay safe while avoiding any legal issue that results from an effort to do so. The law enforcement agencies take serious note of cases and incidents involving any firearm offense. Legal matters involving guns and ammunition require the knowledge and experience of a reputable San Francisco law firm like the Law Office of Valery Nechay.

Valery Nechay is dedicated to offering reliable legal services to gun owners facing assault weapons charges. The full-service law firm helps clients with their firearms charges. It’s essential to know your rights under California asset forfeiture law.

Protect Your Rights with a California Firearm Attorney

A person accused of committing a misdemeanor or felony conviction that involves machine guns or explosives requires a skilled California firearm attorney who forms a great attorney-client relationship. To avoid a conviction that may result in jail time or expensive fines, you should understand fundamental gun rights, regulatory compliance, and responsibilities. Even if you see yourself as a law-abiding citizen, you could be arrested if you brandish a gun in the wrong place or under the wrong circumstances.

Although the Second Amendment protects your right to bear arms, the laws are constantly under scrutiny and interpretation. If you possess firearms, including shotguns and their accompanying ammunition, you should know that California gun law is among the strictest in the country.

If caught, you could face severe complex legal issues that would require you legal representation of an experienced attorney.

If you have been arrested for an illegal carry or inappropriately discharging a weapon, California defense lawyer Valery Nechay will advise you on your charge. She can help you settle your case if you face criminal charges for illegally bearing arms, carrying a hidden weapon without a permit, or brandishing a gun.

Consult a Gun Lawyer Before Buying or Selling

There are several reasons you might need the assistance of a gun lawyer. An attorney knowledgeable of firearms law and related legal concerns could provide information that will help you legally purchase a firearm or run a firearms business, defend yourself against assault charges in California, or represent you and other associates as members of the N.R.A. community.

Firearms lawyers understand federal and state statutes related to gun ownership, transfer, and use. Gun laws can be difficult to comprehend due to their complexity and variation. Some of the weapons governed by them include:

  • Ammunition

  • Automatic and semi-automatic weapons

  • Explosives

  • Handguns

  • Shotguns and rifles

Counselors will help you avoid expenses relating to the unlawful sale or purchase of firearms and illegal firearm businesses, as well as defend you against illegal possession charges.

A person facing legal issues regarding ammunition liability may require the services of a civil litigation attorney with experience in this area. You should contact a firearm attorney if you need help navigating the intricacies of both a criminal weapons charge and civil gun matter. Valery Nechay can provide advice and advocacy in your jurisdiction.


Why Retain a Weapon Attorney?

A weapon attorney is generally a criminal defense representative who practices law involving weapons crime. If you are facing an arrest or prosecution for alleged gun violations, a gun lawyer can help you navigate these complex issues. Additionally, they help gun and ammunition manufacturing companies protect themselves from potential lawsuits and compliance issues that might result from gun-related accidents.

A firearms legal counsel provides their business clients with knowledge and experience dealing with California involuntary manslaughter law. With extensive knowledge and experience dealing with similar cases, I can offer counsel regarding the federal laws that apply to your situation.

Hire a Firearms Lawyer to Avoid Penalties

If you have been charged with a gun-related crime, you need to hire the right firearms lawyer to help you. Crimes against firearms laws can carry stiff penalties, and if convicted, you could serve time in prison. Plus, you will have a permanent criminal record that could make it extremely difficult to find or retain a job.

Based on the Second Amendment, you have a right to own firearms for self-defense and recreational purposes. However, the laws and restrictions governing the ownership of any weapon are extensive and complex. Therefore, if you have to deal with legal aspects of gun ownership, you should hire an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of firearms laws rather than attempt to handle this on your own.


Firearm Rights Attorney

Criminal cases involving the complex and constantly changing area of weapons law require the help of a local firearms rights attorney. The interpretation of firearms law is up to local law enforcement officials and can differ in each jurisdiction. This can be a stressful and confusing experience with potentially dire consequences. 

Plus, a single firearm can be the focus of a crime that violates several gun laws. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of gun

  • How it was obtained or transported

  • Whether it was legally or illegally purchased

Suppose you have been charged with possessing a firearm by a convicted felon or unlawful discharge. In that case, you will need the assistance of a law firm that is familiar with California’s gun policy.

How to Select a Firearms Attorney

If you’ve had legal issues involving guns and firearms, you need to know how to select a weapon attorney to offer legal advice and possibly represent you in court. An attorney with years of experience can help you in your best interest. California law and practice areas dealing with firearms and explosives are intricate. The right law firm can guide you through the legal matters you face. 

Having the representation of a lawyer with sufficient trial experience dealing with property rights and gun laws in the federal courts can be beneficial. Such a lawyer can help you find several possible solutions to help you protect your rights in court. You want someone who has been in court before and understands what it takes to win a Second Amendment assault weapons case, as well as an unlawful discharge claim.

The Law Office of Valery Nechay takes pride in helping clients who have been accused of gun crimes throughout California. Call now for a free consultation.


If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.