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San Mateo Criminal Defense Lawyer

Concerned that you may face a criminal charge in San Mateo County? Worry not. Though the justice system will take you before a court of law for any alleged criminal offense, you will not be alone.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to get the charges against you dropped with the help of a legal defense attorney. The court may appoint a public defender if you cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal case can either be an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Infractions have minor punishments, while felonies attract huge fines and sentences.

In California, these criminal cases can hinder you from getting employment, education, or housing. Thus, you must contact an expungement lawyer who will help you get a clean criminal record.

What Is a Criminal Defense Case?


This is a court case in which a criminal lawyer argues the validity of the evidence that the prosecution brings forward. Your lawyer is tasked with countering the burden of proof for every criminal element the prosecution tries to prove.

There are a couple of defense strategies that your attorney can employ, and they include:


  1. Self-defense: If you are facing battery or assault charges, your lawyer can use this defense strategy by arguing that you committed the crime to protect yourself from physical harm or personal injury.
  2. Defense of others: This is where your lawyer can justify that you committed the crime under the perception of an imminent threat to someone else, like a spouse or family member. And that such actions prevented the assault of such persons.
  3. Defense of property: You can use this defense to argue that you used force to protect your property from damage to prevent it from being damaged. However, lawyers can only use this defense if the amount of force used to protect the property was not lethal.
  4. Pleading innocence: If you did not commit the crime, your lawyer must provide evidence countering every element of the charges brought against you. This is done by providing testimony from witnesses and supporting documents.
  5. Providing an alibi: Your lawyer can use this defense if they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were in a different location when the crime was committed.
  6. The insanity defense or mental disorder defense: Here, your criminal lawyer proves that you were suffering a mental disorder that made you unable to differentiate right from wrong.
  7. Mistake of fact, also called mistake of law: This type of defense is primarily used in fraud cases when your lawyer can prove you were unaware you were committing a crime as a result of a disguised crime.
  8. The intoxication defense: This defense claims that you committed the crime because of involuntary intoxication that impairs your judgment, such as someone spiking your drink with a substance.
  9. The entrapment defense – Entrapment Defense is where a lawyer argues that a crime happened due to inducement from an individual, such as a law enforcement officer. And that you acted under duress to commit the unlawful act. 

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer? 

When an attorney is involved in your case, they will provide legal counsel and ensure you get a free and fair trial in the court system.

In order to accomplish this, they will find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to create doubt among the jury about the charges brought against you. As a result, this doubt will help your case, leading to charges being dropped or punishment being reduced.

It is also essential for a criminal defense lawyer to check your criminal history, which is done by conducting a criminal case search. Using this search, the lawyer can determine what relief options you may have had if you had previously been convicted. As a result, they will then know how to construct a proper defense.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You

A criminal lawyer is essential when dealing with any criminal charges. They can help you in the following ways:

  • Using evidence collected from the crime scene and interviews with witnesses, your lawyer will challenge the prosecution’s case by helping you develop a strong defense strategy for your case. 

  • Their experience with criminal defense will guide you in areas of criminal law that may be difficult for you.

  • In addition to helping you understand the judicial system, criminal defense attorneys can assist you in navigating the court process.

  • They also utilize their connections in the California judicial system to help you gain the upper hand in your criminal case.

  • A criminal defense lawyer will also negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution team in order to reduce your jail time.

  • A criminal case can also be an emotional time for your family and loved ones, so they help relay information and any relevant communications.

Whenever you are facing criminal charges, it is essential to hire criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. Reach out to Valery Nechay Law today for a consultation and case evaluation.

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What Is the Most Common Type of Criminal Defense?

Self-defense. In this type of defense, your lawyer argues that you committed the illegal act and that there was a serious threat to you or your loved ones if you didn’t commit the crime.

How Long Can a Felony Charge Be Pending?

This depends on the set limit for the statute of limitation for the specific felony in a particular state. For example, if the statute of limitation for the felony is three years, you can have a pending charge for the same duration. Most felonies have a statute of limitation of three years.

Can You Be Charged Without Evidence?

No. For a charge to be made against you, the police must have probable cause to make an arrest and sufficient evidence that backs up the probable cause. This evidence can either be real physical evidence, testimonies from witnesses, documentary evidence, or demonstrative evidence.


If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.