The Law Office of Valery Nechay handles cases within a variety of areas of practice.

Federal crimes are generally ones that cross state lines or are committed on federal property. This could include drug trafficking, bank robbery, bribery of an elected official, many white-collar crimes or financial crimes, and murder (if the killing takes place on federal land or against a federal employee). I will assess the facts and offer a detailed path to obtaining the best results possible.

State crimes are those that occur within the state jurisdiction itself. These include domestic violence, battery, DUI, drug-related crimes, unlawful possession of firearms or ammunition, first degree and second-degree burglaries, manslaughter and murder, and a plethora of other crimes. As a native of San Francisco, I have cultivated relationships with key players in the criminal justice system. I am also well versed in the local court policies, procedures, and programs that may be available in your case. My deep knowledge of California state criminal law is key in providing you with a nuanced and sophisticated defense.

Restraining Orders

I represent many individuals who are dealing with restraining orders as either the restrained or protected party. Even if you feel the other party is incorrect or deliberately lying, the circumstance can have long-term effects if you do not respond rapidly and thoroughly. If you accidentally breach the order, you can be arrested and face criminal charges. This is where my assistance and knowledge is required.

If you were the victim of excessive force at the hands of the police, the Law Office of Valery Nechay will discuss the viability of a civil lawsuit against those responsible. There are many individuals who have suffered civil rights infringements or sustained injuries at the hands of the police that could benefit from my aggressive representation.

Under the existing system, the government can seize your assets if they suspect the money is ill-gotten gains, even if you are never charged or convicted of a crime. In fact, The Supreme Court has actually maintained certain loss statutes permitting “civil forfeiture” even against innocent property owners. If you are a dancer, poker player, or work in the cannabis industry, then you likely have the occasion to travel with large amounts of cash. After the government takes your assets, the clock starts ticking on critical deadlines; if you do not act immediately, you can lose your claim to your property. My office can help prevent this government theft.

Juvenile Defense

Juvenile law is very different from other areas of the law, as children are provided more leniency and protection than adults are, generally speaking. While juveniles can face criminal charges just like adults, minors are also deprived of some critical rights that are available to adults. Since these cases may be the result of immaturity, poor judgment, coercion, or patently false allegations, the minor and their family need guidance and protection. Navigating the juvenile justice system is a very particularized area of law; the decisions that the minor and their family make can impact the minor’s life forever. It is important to understand the impact of each decision. I can personally guide your child through these difficult intricacies to ensure the best long term impact.

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If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.