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Before His Killing, Tech Executive Bob Lee Led an Underground Life of Sex and Drugs

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FBI Agent Grilled On Russian Officials’ Integrity In Hack Trial

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Alsup Rips Feds’ ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ In Russian’s Hacking Trial

Judge in trial of alleged LinkedIn hacker admits doubt in evidence

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Alsup Slams Feds’ ‘Stunts’ In Trial Of Alleged Russian Hacker on Trial in California For Allegedly Hacking Into LinkedIn and Dropbox

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More Glimpses Of How Russian Intelligence Utilized Hackers Revealed In U.S. Trial

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Prosecution of Accused Russian Hacker on Thin Ice as Judge Questions Evidence

Accused Russian Hacker’s Lawyers Say He May Be Mentally Ill

LinkedIn hacking suspect refuses to cooperate with his lawyers

California’s C.A.R.E. Act provides relief to those caught in a ‘paper prison’


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