The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Bribery Defense Attorney


If you are charged with bribery, contact an attorney from The Law Office of Valery Nechay to discuss your defense options.

The Crime of Bribery


Bribery is the offer of compensation intended to influence the acts of another person. Bribery usually arises when a private citizen offers something of value to a public official to influence how they execute their public duties. It may also happen when a person tries to influence a private citizen, such as a bank officer or agent with a fiduciary duty to their client.

Bribery cases tend to involve two or more persons, so federal prosecutors usually charge the actors with conspiracy in addition to bribery charges.

Bribery can be prosecuted under state and federal law. Therefore, it can be instrumental to your case to work with an attorney experienced with state and federal criminal court procedures when you’re facing federal charges.

Bribery Defense Lawyer in San Francisco


The Law Office of Valery Nechay has been working on bribery cases for years. Hence, I know what it takes to fight such cases successfully.


I understand that bribery could result in substantial time in state or federal prison and the imposition of other criminal penalties. Such cases also result in lengthy investigations, resulting in a lot of expense and time wastage, complicating your life.

I have a good understanding of state law and federal laws on bribery schemes and the rules of professional conduct. Valery Nechay Law is well-equipped to handle any bribery allegations and conspiracy charges and has done so for several years.

If you have been charged with bribing public officials or engaging in public corruption, contact me today for a free consultation.

I have the knowledge and extensive experience that may come in handy for your defense.

Tips on Hiring a Bribery Defense Lawyer


Not all lawyers are the same, so finding the right attorney for your case is game-changing when building the best possible defense. When choosing an attorney, consider the following attributes:

  • a proven track record
  • trial and litigation experience
  • extensive experience in federal court
  • comprehensive knowledge of federal procedure and criminal law

Some of the things to look out for when looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney include:

  • the total number of federal criminal cases they have handled
  • how many federal criminal cases they have successfully tried in court
  • approximately what percentage of their cases resulted in dismissal or no criminal or civil liability for their clients.

Is it Worth Hiring a Bribery Defense Attorney?


A bribery conviction carries harsh penalties, particularly under federal criminal law. For example, a conviction for bribery of a public official can result in a 15-year federal prison sentence and a fine that is three times the amount offered or given to the public official.

Ensure that you hire a criminal defense lawyer experienced in bribery crimes to protect your personal and professional interests, reputation, livelihood, and freedom.

If you’ve been charged with a federal bribery scheme, hire a trustworthy bribery attorney familiar with federal criminal court procedures and who understands the differences between state and federal criminal charges and sentences. Valery Nechay Law provides state and federal crimes defense and is well-versed with state and federal bribery cases.

I believe that early intervention is key to effectively defending any criminal accusations. I will hold your hand through the criminal investigation and guide you in handling the federal prosecutor and investigating agencies.

I will also critically review all the details of your case and highlight the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you to come up with the most appropriate defense strategy in a bribery case. Where possible, I will meet with federal prosecutors to negotiate a suitable settlement for you.

The Elements of the Crime of Bribery


To get a bribery conviction, the federal prosecutor must prove all the elements of bribery beyond a reasonable doubt. If they don’t prove these elements, reasonable doubt will be raised, and there can’t be a bribery conviction. These elements include the following:

  1. The individual being bribed must be a public official, including elected officials.
  2. A benefit – an “item of value” can be tangible, like cash, or intangible, like a service.
  3. There must be criminal intent on the part of the bribing party to get the desired result in exchange for the benefit.
  4. There must be an “official act” that a bribe may influence.
  5. The public official must have the authority or power to commit the official act.
  6. There must be a relationship between the benefit and the official action.

If you are under investigation for a bribery scheme, ensure that you do not speak to law enforcement officials without your lawyer present. Call experienced federal criminal defense attorney Valery Nechay to help with your defense.

Federal Bribery Investigations: How Wide Are They?


Law enforcement agencies thoroughly investigate bribery crimes and obtain evidence over an extended period. Suspects are usually unaware that they are under investigation until sufficient evidence has been gathered and handed to a federal prosecutor who files the bribery charges.

Federal bribery cases are usually very complicated because several individuals are involved, including people in positions of power, such as a government official. Consequently, the federal government dedicates several resources to investigating the possible instances of bribery.

It is also not uncommon for interagency collaborations to take place. The Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and state and local law enforcement agencies are usually the agencies that investigate such matters.

How Much Does a Bribery Defense Lawyer Cost?


Most criminal defense attorneys charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee, depending on the complexities of the case.

The costs of hiring bribery defense lawyers depend on many factors, including your location, the lawyer’s experience, the severity of your case – e.g., whether you’re facing state or federal bribery charges, and the number of charges against you.

Schedule a consultation with The Law Office of Valery Nechay and get an estate of how much fighting the bribery allegations against you will cost.


When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Bribery Crimes?


The sooner, the better! It is always advisable to contact a federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are charged with bribery or are under investigation and believe you are going to be charged.

Federal defense lawyers know how the process may unfold before the federal criminal court and how different it is from the state court. Opportunities to lessen the charges may have to be considered because of the harsh potential prison time penalties and criminal fines.

Given the gravity of the bribery charges, it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience in corruption and bribery crimes. I will ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

What Are the Common Federal Bribery Charges?


Several bribery charges may be brought forth in a bribery case. These usually include:

  • Bribery of a public official occurs when a person directly or indirectly promises to give or actually gives compensation to a public official to influence them to omit or perform an official act, violating their public duty.
  • Illegal gratuity that involves public officials involves providing or offering an illegal gratuity or compensation for performing or omitting an official duty.
  • Reward or bribery of a bank officer involves offering to give or giving compensation or something of value to a bank official to influence a business transaction. A bank official usually refers to an attorney, agent, employee, director, or any other officer of a financial institution.
  • Conspiracy is committed when two or more people agree to take part in criminal conduct. Bear in mind that government agencies love to add federal conspiracy charges to bribery charges. However, under federal bribery laws, to be found guilty of conspiracy, you will need to be aware of the unlawful goals of such a conspiracy or all persons involved in such a plot.

Choosing the Right Bribery Defense Lawyer


A bribery conviction can have severe penalties, particularly if one is convicted of federal bribery. It is critical to always work with a criminal defense lawyer to draw an effective bribery defense strategy. You can beat the charges by hiring an experienced bribery lawyer who has worked in the field for years. To obtain a bribery conviction, the federal prosecutor must be able to prove you had the required criminal intent to commit the crime. Since that can be difficult, lack of intent to bribe is a common defense used in federal bribery cases.

Knowing how the justice system works, I will provide you with the best defense to get your charges dismissed or reduced, at the very least.

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