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As a reputation lawyer, I can assist if you are facing personal or professional attacks or defamation online. During an era of “doxing” and “cancel culture,” the punishment issued by the court of public opinion can be swift, severe, and permanent. It is important to have an advocate that understands your particular situation and can recommend the appropriate steps to help you navigate public backlash and restore your reputation, whether you made a mistake or are the victim of mistaken identity.

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Social media, business review websites, and sites designed specifically for spreading rumors about individuals have opened doors for online users to harm the reputation of both businesses and people. While individual speech is protected under the First Amendment, the line is crossed when those words are deliberately false, rising to the level of defamation which is actionable under law.

Making false statements in order to hurt someone else’s reputation is considered defamation. Spoken defamation is also called slander, while written defamation is libel. Although defamation is not a crime, a person who is the victim of defamatory statements can file a civil lawsuit o against the person who is responsible for making these statements recover damages.

When this happens, you need the best reputation lawyer, San Francisco, California has to offer. As a trusted reputation management law firm, the Law Office of Valery Nechay is prepared to protect your reputation against online attacks and defamation.

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The publishing of defamatory information on the internet introduces distinct obstacles and issues due to the ease by which information can be released online, the permanency of such posts, and the fact that a number of these posts are made anonymously.

Although negative reviews can hurt a business, not all negative statements are considered defamation. In the State of California, the defendant has to act with a degree of fault to be entitled to damages. For example, if the plaintiff is not a public figure, attorneys have to establish that the defendant was negligent. But, if the plaintiff is a public figure, then it has to be shown that defamatory statements were false and that the defendant has made them recklessly, with malice, and without worrying about whether the statements were true or false.

In addition, an individual can also experience defamation in the place where they work. Defamation at the workplace can leave severe consequences on your employment prospects as well as career advancement. If your manager, coworker, or employer has been spreading defamatory statements, you can be entitled to a legal remedy for the harm you suffered.

With so much at stake, these complicated issues require the comprehensive legal advice and advocacy of a skilled California lawyer. As one of the top defense lawyers in the Bay Area, I’m here to help you navigate these difficult issues so you can regain control of your online presence.

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Trustworthy. Diligent. Innovative. These are the values I uphold in everything I do, and as a dedicated San Francisco, California civil litigation lawyer, I am passionate about protecting my clients against destructive or deceptive declarations that may cause harm to their personal or professional reputation. Oftentimes, the perceived malfeasance is not proportionate to the attacks generated online. It is important to consult an attorney who will tailor the next steps to suit your particular situation and help mitigate this public crisis.

I have substantial experience litigating and resolving disputes involving attacks against one’s character in a variety of contexts and industries. I bring that experience to the table through all phases of the conflict resolution process, from preliminary case examination through the issuance of public statements, settlement efforts, and eventually trial.

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Online character attacks can instantly destroy the credibility you worked a lifetime to build. To protect your reputation, you must act quickly. Taking steps to respond to allegations with the appropriate tone and substance can help you take control back over the situation. It can be difficult to ward off online attacks so it is critical to have someone in your corner that knows the full story and can convey it in a persuasive and sensitive manner. If your reputation has been attacked online, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.


If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.