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Facing Criminal Charges in San Francisco or the Bay Area?

Valery Nechay will fight to defend your civil rights when you go up against the powerful criminal justice system.

If you are facing criminal charges or allegations, you are worthy of the best representation from a criminal lawyer San Francisco who will strongly and passionately defend your freedom and attain the best possible outcome.

From misdemeanors to felonies, criminal charges can be hard to combat and even harder to live with. The Law Office of Valery Nechay is here to help.

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You Need an Innovative Criminal Lawyer in San Francisco

I am criminal defense attorney, Valery Nechay. At Valery Nechay Law, I provide aggressive and sophisticated representation to people under criminal investigation or charged with a crime in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My mission is to get all charges against you dismissed. If this is not possible, I will fight to obtain the best results available to you. This may include reduced charges, mitigated sentencing, or an acquittal.

Every case deserves an innovative strategy. Rather than rely on age-old approaches to criminal defense, I take an innovative approach, thinking critically about your particular needs, then tailoring a strategy to your case.

A Criminal Lawyer in San Francisco Who Won’t Back Down

As a lifelong resident of San Francisco, I treat every client as a valued member of the community and handle each and every case as if the individuals and families affected were my own. With extensive experience working with a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, and ages, I am a strong and dedicated advocate for all.

Unlike many San Francisco criminal attorneys, you are not simply a case number to me — I care about your well-being. No matter what allegations you face, I will treat you as I would expect to be treated — with respect, professionalism, and empathy.

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Valery is AWESOME! Delivered just as promised and reassured me and my family the entire time. She's extremely knowledgeable and professional I can't... Read More

Dezi J.Dezi J.

Valery is a very compassionate lawyer. She understands your pain and takes her time to make sure you understand everything that is happening to your... Read More

Jay Z.Jay Z.

Valery Nechay made me feel like I was not alone in the complicated legal hardship I found myself in.

She did research, and educated me on so many different... Read More

Primary Practice Areas Handled by the Law Office of Valery Nechay

The Law Office of Valery Nechay handles cases within a wide range of practice areas, including state and federal criminal defense, post-conviction relief, civil rights, asset forfeiture, restraining orders, and juvenile matters. 

State criminal charges are brought when those allegations occur within California’s jurisdiction and include a wide variety of criminal conduct, including domestic violence, drug crimes, sex crimes, murder, etc. My statutory knowledge of the law, experience working in the criminal justice system, and long-standing relationships with the district attorneys and judges gives me the ability to get the best deals in the courthouse.

Federal criminal charges are typically brought when the underlying allegations occur across state lines or are committed on federal property. These could include drug trafficking, cybercrime, white-collar crimes, bank robbery, bribery of an elected official, and other criminal offenses. 

I have been admitted to practice federal law and have successfully represented numerous clients in federal court on cases ranging from cybercrimes to homicides. When defending clients accused of those crimes, I will assess the facts and let you know what the best course of action is in order to get the best outcome. 

If you need representation in civil rights litigation, such as an excessive force or police brutality claim, my law practice can help. When fighting back against the government, you have to be armed with a zealous advocate that understands the steps necessary to secure your civil rights claim and obtain the relief you deserve. 

My law office can also help if your assets were seized by the government, and you require a forfeiture attorney to ensure you get your property back. An efficient asset forfeiture defense requires a skilled attorney with an understanding of the lengthy and intricate procedures and deadlines. That is the level of commitment and knowledge you can expect from me and my law firm. 

If you find yourself in a situation seeking a restraining order or if you are in need of defense against a petition for a restraining order, you need help from an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Valery Nechay can assist you in either case and with all of the types of restraining orders.

Juvenile defense is also something I can help you with. While juveniles can be tried as adults, they are also deprived of some critical rights. Because of my deep knowledge of California state criminal defense law and the juvenile justice system, I can personally guide your child and family through these difficult and sometimes, life-altering, events. 

Those individuals charged with a crime who do not have adequate legal representation could face serious consequences. Other San Francisco criminal defense lawyers may not have enough time to dedicate to your case and will often reassign your matter to other associates.

That is not a case with me. I personally invest the time necessary to investigate the facts and analyze which litigation tools and strategies can help me beat your case. I will fight to represent your interests every step of the way. My California criminal defense firm is unlike any other because I will not leave any stone unturned in my mission to get you the best result and vindicate your rights.

Contact the Top San Francisco Defense Attorney

If the state has filed charges against you or you are under investigation, then you must act quickly to preserve your rights and build your defense. The sooner you contact the Law Office of Valery Nechay, the better. When you schedule a free consultation, I am prepared to evaluate your case, explain the process, and discuss your options.

At the heart of Valery Nechay Law is the belief that everyone deserves a criminal defense regardless of what they have been accused of. Contact Valery Nechay, the top criminal lawyer in San Francisco and the Bay Area, to begin your criminal defense today.


At the heart of Valery Nechay Law is the belief that every person, regardless of the crime he or she are accused of, is entitled to a defense.