Protecting Your Rights Against The Criminal Justice System

Valery Nechay Law will fight to defend your civil rights when you go up against the powerful criminal justice system.


The Valery Nechay Law Office is a full service criminal defense law firm. I provide aggressive and sophisticated representation to people under criminal investigation or charged with a crime. I can represent you for a misdemeanor or felony charge The primary goal of my law office is to have all charges against my clients dismissed. I treat each client as I would expect to be treated—in a professional, confidential, and empathetic manner.

The Innovative Criminal Defense You Need

I am criminal defense attorney Valery Nechay. At Valery Nechay Law, I provide aggressive and sophisticated representation to people under criminal investigation or charged with a crime. My mission is to get all charges against you dismissed. If this is not possible, I will work aggressively to obtain the best results available to you. This may include reduced charges, mitigated sentencing or an acquittal.

Every case deserves an innovative strategy. Rather than rely on age-old approaches to criminal defense, I take an innovative approach, thinking critically about your particular needs, then tailoring a strategy to your case.

A Member Of Your Community, Fighting For You

As a lifelong resident of San Francisco, I treat every client as a valued member of the community. I treat every case as if the individuals and families affected were my own. In addition, I have experience working with a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds and ages.

You are not simply a case number to me — I care about your well-being. No matter what allegations you face, I will treat you as I would expect to be treated — with respect, professionalism and empathy.

“Reaching out to Ms. Nechay was the only good decision I made during my run in with the law. I was arrested for urinating in public and public intoxication. She immediately dove into my case by learning local laws and jurisdiction in a state where she does not practice. She obtained my arrest report and Police car/body cam footage of the arrest. She found multiple discrepancies between the Police report and the actual events that unfolded. She quickly contacted the prosecutor who oversaw my case and convinced him to dismiss all charges before my appointed court date. I was required to inform my employer of the arrest and charges. Ms. Nechay provided several hours of her time to help coach me how to deal with that dicey process. I could not have asked for a better outcome both legally and with my employer. I am sincerely grateful for her diligent and effective efforts. If you find yourself requiring legal help, she is the attorney to call.”
Thomas S. | June 18, 2017

“Valery gave her full attention to my case. She took the time to explain the process, my options, and help me understand how to navigate my life during a difficult and painful time. She is an outstanding legal professional and the one to call should you find yourself in legal trouble.”
Kelly F. | June 30, 2017

Don’t Hesitate: Get A Free Consultation

If the state has filed charges against you or you believe you face an investigation, then you must act quickly to build your defense. The sooner you contact Valery Nechay Law, the better. I can evaluate your case and discuss your options when you schedule a free consultation. Contact my law firm by calling 650-761-0148 or by sending me an email.

At the heart of Valery Nechay Law is the belief that everyone deserves a defense. Contact Valery Nechay Law to begin your criminal defense today.


At the heart of Valery Nechay Law is the belief that every person, regardless of the crime he or she are accused of, is entitled to a defense.