California Post Conviction Relief Lawyer

A conviction in a California criminal court can have lifelong consequences, but relief may be available.

A conviction in a California criminal court can have lifelong consequences that impact your employment, housing, voting rights, and relationships.

Many people feel that the outcome is unfair, or that they were not adequately represented. Others believe that although they were guilty of a crime, the conviction should not have a continuing impact on their lives.

These individuals have the option of seeking post-conviction relief. In some cases, post-conviction relief may be mandatory, but it remains discretionary in others. A California post-conviction relief lawyer could help assist you with pursuing relief that may be available in your case, such as vacating a conviction or reducing the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. Reach out to a criminal defense attorney to obtain the post-conviction relief you deserve.

The Law Office of Valery Nechay can help you obtain the following types of post-conviction or post-arrest relief:


  • Motion for “Compassionate Release” during Covid-19 Pandemic under the First Step Act
  • Penal Code 851.91 and 851.97 aka C.A.R.E. Act– Petition to Seal Arrest Records that Did Not Result in a Conviction
  • Penal Code 17b– Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor
  • Penal Code 1203.4– Expungement Motion 
  • Penal Code 1203.43– Clearing a Criminal Record after Completing Drug Treatment Diversionary Program 
  • Penal Code 1203.3– Motion to Terminate Probation Early
  • Proposition 64 that Decriminalizes the Possession of Marijuana and allows People with Convictions for this Former Crime to Expunge Their Criminal Records
  • Proposition 47 Motion– Reclassification Motion Based on Change in Law
  • Penal Code 1473.7 Motion to Withdraw Plea
  • Penal Code 4852.01– Obtaining Certificate of Rehabilitation for Penal Code 290 Registrant Cases
  • Romero Motion to Strike Prior Strike 
  • Motion for Military Diversion
  • Motion to Recall Bench Warrant
  • Motion to Modify Protective Orders
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