San Francisco Criminal Court

The San Francisco Superior Court’s Criminal Division, has jurisdiction over crimes that occur in the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco Criminal Court Overview


Whether you’ve been charged with a criminal offense or you’re looking for information on the San Francisco Criminal Court system, you have come to the right place. As a trusted San Francisco criminal defense lawyer, Valery Nechay of Valery Nechay Law understands the system inside and out. This understanding allows her to guide her clients through the San Francisco Criminal Court system with confidence and success.

Legal disputes in San Francisco are generally handled by the San Francisco Superior Court system, which is divided into several divisions, including Civil Court, Probate Court, Small Claims Court, Unified Family Court, Traffic Court, and Criminal Court

The San Francisco Criminal Court has jurisdiction over cases involving violations of state and local law, such as infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. The Court presides over  arraignments, recalling bench warrants, preliminary hearings, trials, motions, probation hearings, mental health proceedings, and other criminal matters. Having an attorney by your side as you navigate the court system and the criminal procedures is essential, so don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of Valery Nechay to secure strong, and knowledgeable legal representation.

How to View the San Francisco Criminal Court Calendar


Most criminal cases in San Francisco are heard in the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St. However, some cases are heard in the Civic Center Courthouse, 400 McAllister St., and the Community Justice Center at 575 Polk St.

To find out which department your case is being heard in, you can view the Daily Calendar for criminal and traffic hearings on the wall outside Room 101 of the Hall of Justice Building, Monday-Friday. You can also call the office at one of the phone numbers listed below.

Online San Francisco Criminal Court Trial Calendar

You can also access the San Francisco Superior Court trial calendar here. This online tool allows you to search for case calendars by case type and date, party name, or case number.

If you are facing a criminal case, for example, you’ll select the ‘search by name’ tab, choose ‘criminal’ under the case type drop-down menu, enter your name, and hit ‘search’. Here, you’ll be able to see the date, time, location, and department your case is being heard in. You’ll also be able to view the case number and the type of appearance, such as a hearing, arraignment, trial, or pretrial. No matter the case type, be sure to consult a criminal defense attorney if you have an upcoming appearance listed here.

San Francisco Criminal Court Clerk & Contacts


The San Francisco Criminal Court has designated administrators and managers for each court unit. These include:

  • Hall of Justice Administration
    • Court Administrator – Mark Culkins (415) 551-0350
    • Acting Court Manager, Criminal Division – Sherife Huseny (415) 551-0665
    • Court Manager, Comprehensive Collections Unit – Jennifer Chan (415) 551-8576
    • Acting Court Manager, Criminal Courtroom Clerks – Gina Guidi (415) 551-4004
  • Criminal Operation Court Staff
    • Acting Court Manager, Criminal Operations, Sherife Huseny (415) 551-0665
    • Court Interpreter Supervisor – Rose Gonzalez (415) 551-0656
    • Acting Court Supervisor, Criminal Master Cal – Wesley Ramirez (415) 551-7572
    • Court Supervisor, Criminal Courtroom Clerks – Cynthia Karadi (415) 551-0352
    • Acting Court Supervisor, Criminal Operations – Bryan Wong (415) 551-0696
    • Acting Court Supervisor, Criminal Records – Lesley Fiscella (415) 551-0684


General operational units can also be contacted at the following phone numbers:

  • Appeals, Felony (415) 551-0354 or (415) 551-0693
  • Appeals, Misdemeanors, and Traffic (415) 551-0657
  • Archives  (415) 551-0679
  • Bond Desk (415) 551-0608 or (415) 551-0691
  • Comprehensive Collections Unit (415) 551-0670
  • DMV (415) 551-0683
  • Exhibits (415) 551-0671
  • Filings (415) 551-0651
  • Records (415) 551-0651
  • Subpoenaed Records (415) 551-0653
  • OR Project (415) 575-4441

If you have any questions about your court case or the San Francisco court system, you can call these numbers for general inquiries, but they cannot offer legal advice. For personalized legal assistance, please contact an attorney at Valery Nechay Law by calling 650-761-0148.

Accessing the San Francisco Criminal Court Docket


A court docket is the list of all the files submitted in a case, including relevant PDFs, parties, attorneys, calendars, and payments. While San Francisco makes docket information available through the San Francisco Superior Court’s online case information database, this is for Probate, Complex Litigation, and General Civil cases only.

If you cannot find the information you need about a criminal case online, you can try calling the archives office at (415) 551-0679. If you’re working with a California criminal defense lawyer, she or he can help you find specific details on your past or current cases. Alternatively, you can request access to your San Francisco Criminal Court records. 

Viewing & Clearing Your San Francisco Criminal Court Records

The San Francisco County Superior Court offers access to various types of records, including administrative records, criminal records, probate records, and traffic records.

To gain access to your San Francisco Criminal Court records, you can submit a completed records request form to the Hall of Justice by mail or in-person. Requestors should provide their full name and contact info along with any applicable fees.

Mail requests should be sent to the San Francisco Superior Court at:

850 Bryant Street, Room 101

ATTN: Records Clerk

San Francisco, CA 94103

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense in San Francisco, you may have relief options. While actual expungement does not exist in California, some convictions can be modified on your record so that when you apply for a job, you can legally indicate that you were not convicted of that crime. In other specific circumstances, convictions may be reduced from felony to misdemeanor status. Additionally, if you have completed a term in prison, you may qualify for a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon.

Whether you’re exploring your post-conviction relief options or need assistance navigating the criminal courts after being arrested, having skilled defense on your side is a must. Please contact the Law Office of Valery Nechay today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward a better and brighter future.


If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.