How to Access & Interpret San Francisco Arrest Records


San Francisco arrest records are managed by the San Francisco Police Department and include relevant information about an arrest and the arrestee. Learn more here from the Law Office of Valery Nechay.

Details Included in San Francisco Arrest Records


The San Francisco County arrest records typically include pertinent information and official documents about the county’s arrests. These typically have information on arrests, including names, physical descriptions, and mugshots of arrested persons.

Arrest records in the County of San Francisco also provide information about the arresting agency and officer. The Police in San Francisco County also make public information on arrests by generating arrest records, which are then provided to interested parties.

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San Francisco Police Arrest Records


Individuals that are interested in searching for information about police arrest records will have to make a request for a San Francisco County Police Report. One can usually get the information they need by personally submitting a completed Request for Police Form to any city and county Police Station’s records department.


If you are interested in getting such reports, you can always obtain them from police stations which are usually open between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. 

You can also get San Francisco County police reports through mail. Individuals can mail their requests and self-addressed and stamped envelopes to the return address:

San Francisco Police Department

Records Management 

1245 3rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

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San Francisco Arrest Records Search


With the rise in crime rates in San Francisco, it would be understandable to search for information on possible employees and business associates you meet with.

The search for information may be because of the new boyfriend or girlfriend your son or daughter is seeing, your children’s nanny, or someone you are hiring for a particular job.

California arrest records and any warrant search may be found from a variety of sources, some of which may be found in hard copy from government agencies such as the San Francisco Superior Court and police stations and in soft copy online.


How to do an Arrest Records Search in San Francisco

To find a person in the San Francisco County jail system, you should contact the correctional facilities of the county and the police. These usually have a current inmate list and a record of recent arrests.

You can find information on how to do a records search on the following page. The Sheriff’s Office also provides an online portal where anyone can perform an arrest search. The CDCR website also allows one to search for arrest and inmate records which any member of the public can use to do a records search.


How to do a Warrant Search in San Francisco County

If you need to search for warrants in San Francisco, CA, you may be granted access to a copy of your criminal history by visiting the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA.

Unfortunately, the information found in the Hall of Justice reports excludes crime information relating to other people.

To find such information, you can visit other agencies such as the San Francisco State University Police Department Daily Crime and Arrest Log (which provides information on arrests, including a synopsis of the case, name, location, date, and time), the San Francisco County Superior Court records, and the San Francisco County Superior Court traffic citations web page.

Some information may also be gotten from private institutions, such as a consumer reporting agency that provides consumer reports. These may be critical for institutions such as banks, landlords, or credit agencies looking for credit information about an individual.

The Law Office of Valery Nechay works with clients to help them obtain all manner of San Francisco County arrest records, among other public records, whether relevant to a pending criminal case or a past arrest they hope to clear from their record.

Are Arrest Records Public in California?


You may search California arrest records from various government channels, including the arresting agency and other affiliated institutions.


How to Obtain San Francisco Court Records

If you intend to search California court records, you can usually do it by contacting the Superior Court in the county. The Civil Division will usually provide access to civil records, while the Criminal Division office will provide access to criminal records.


  1. The San Francisco Court – If you need information from the San Francisco Court, you can get it from their office at the San Francisco, CA-based 400 McAllister Street location. You can also call the office at 415-551-4000 and make a formal request to see your civil and criminal records. Note that a formal request will have to be filed if you wish to view San Francisco County arrest records. You will not be able to view other people’s records unless you have a particular reason for doing so.
  2. The Police Department in San Francisco County – The Police Department is one of the arresting agencies from which one can get arrest records. You can usually get the police reports and do a warrant search from police stations in your area or download a request form online.
  3. The Records Bureau – You may visit the San Francisco County Records Bureau in person to make a request for your file. Getting a personal copy of a police report is usually free of charge, but you will usually have to present a valid ID before the bureau can process the request.
  4. County Jail 1 – Intake and Release Center – Under the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, the facility books and releases all persons arrested in the county. As such, it may provide access to San Francisco County arrest records that you can request at any time.

If you are interested in obtaining arrest records, you will have to make a personal request to the Police Department. The department does not allow mail-in requests even though they require that each request be notarized. 

Third-party requests also need to have a notarized document with a statement asserting that criminal records will be released to a third party. They will also need to include information such as who is making the request.

If you are interested in doing bulk searches of public records, you can always use commercial vendors who will offer basic information. For more comprehensive reports, you may have to pay processing fees.

Note that most government agency websites will provide a search tool that you can use to search for arrest records in San Francisco County and the state of California. However, every search is subject to the relevant laws governing privacy and confidentiality. 

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San Francisco Arrest Log and California Arrest Records


Arrest records are deemed public records, and hence any person may request to search for such records from several government agencies, including local, county, and state law enforcement. 

Police departments in San Francisco and the San Francisco criminal courts have a record of all arrests in California, including the warrants and mugshots of the persons involved. 

Working with the San Francisco, CA-based Valery Nechay Law firm is a wise move if you need to get access to your criminal history and other public records related to a current or past criminal case.

Valery Nechay has helped many clients access the records they need over the years. She has the necessary experience, skill, and connections to obtain a wide range of documents and information you may need from the different government and corporate agencies involved in recording your arrest. Contact the office today for a free consultation.


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