Your Complete Guide to the DUI Program in San Francisco


If you have been ordered to attend a DUI program in San Francisco after a first-time DUI, you must know what to expect. Get the facts in this overview from the Law Office of Valery Nechay.

What Is the DUI Program in San Francisco?


Driving under the influence is a serious offense in California, and if convicted, you might face mandatory enrollment in the DUI program in San Francisco as one of your penalties. DUIs are more common than one might think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 28 people die each day due to DUIs.

California is taking proactive measures to reduce driving accidents related to the use of alcohol and drugs by offering DUI program services and classes to lower the statistics. The program holds people responsible for their actions. Targeting adults convicted of DUIs and teenagers with substance abuse cases, DUI classes can also be taken voluntarily.

For advice and advocacy after being arrested for driving while under the influence, reach out to a federal criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco at the Law Office of Valery Nechay. No matter your circumstances, I can explain your options, and we can plan a reasonable strategy together.


Understanding DUI Programs in San Francisco, CA

I can help you understand the DUI programs offered in San Francisco, CA. Established in 1976, the San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Program, also referred to as SF Pretrial, was created to improve community safety. It does this by focusing on individual education and public service as rehabilitative consequences rather than punitive ones.

Most states offer Driver Intervention Programs for those charged with or convicted of DWI or who have their license suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

California offers several Alcohol Education Programs to those with a DUI to help them understand how their actions affect them, their family, and the community. To enroll in a DUI Alcohol Education Program, a person with a pending DUI or license suspension must be referred by the DMV or the court where the criminal DUI case is pending. By retaining the services of my law firm, you will be better equipped to navigate this complex legal process.

Multiple Offender DUI Program


Those with two or more convictions occurring within ten years will need to attend the Multiple Offender DUI Program, lasting eighteen months. During that time, you will have:

  • 52 hours of group therapy
  • 12 hours of education
  • 6 hours of monitoring per week

You will also be required to attend bi-weekly interviews during the first twelve months and pay $1,800 to $1,900 in fees.

If you have three or more convictions within ten years, your program will last thirty months and include:

  • 78 hours of group therapy
  • 12 hours of education
  • Community service
  • Therapy sessions

You will be required to be there for the entire duration. Arriving late or leaving early will be noted. You will likely have to make up the time to reach the number of mandated hours.

First Offender DUI Program in San Francisco


To make it easier to successfully complete the first offender DUI program in San Francisco, you should narrow your search for nearby class locations to the closest.

Driver Performance Institutes, Inc. is a licensed provider for the First Offender Program. It is located at 350 Townsend Street, Suite 205 in San Francisco, California, 94107. It can be reached by phone or at (415) 905-5555.

The Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse for the Spanish Speaking promotes the following service providers.

The Spanish Speaking Dry Zone M.O. DUI Program is a licensed service provider for the 18 Month Program. It is located at 820 Valencia Street in San Francisco, California, 94110, and can be reached by phone at (415) 826-6767.

The Institute of Advanced Driver Education and Training, Inc. is a licensed service provider for the First Offender Program. It is located at 2111 Mission Street, Suite 205 in San Francisco, California, 94110. It can be reached by phone at (415) 255-0371.

National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions Bay Area, Inc. is a licensed service provider for the First Offender Program. It is located at 944 Market Street, 3rd Floor in San Francisco, California, 94102, and can be reached by phone at (415) 296-0500.

DUI program services licensed in San Francisco County for alcohol abuse or drug addictions aren’t free. If you are required to enroll in classes and have financial difficulties, there are options. The school may negotiate a payment plan for you, or you could apply for a fee waiver at the local courthouse. I may be able to review your case and see if there are options other than classes available to you that might be more affordable.

Understanding the First Offender Program for DUI Cases


A trusted criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Valery Nechay can help you understand the First Offender Program for DUI cases. Basically, the length of time your program will last is determined by the judge and depends on your conviction and the details of your case. 

For example, if you had a blood alcohol content of 0.08, it could be a Wet Reckless Conviction requiring the completion of only 12 hours of classes. Subsequent similar convictions are dealt with more strictly. First Offense DUI classes last thirty hours over three months and cost about $600.

What Is Diversion for DUI in San Francisco?


Many CA residents have heard of it but may be unsure what a diversion for a DUI in San Francisco consists of. The SF Pretrial Diversion Program is a collaboration between the courts, defense, and prosecution to allow a person to be eligible for pretrial release. It provides an alternative to prosecution as it diverts the accused to a specific program. The judge will set the terms and conditions that the defendant must complete for their obligations to the court to be satisfied.

For example, a person with a problem with alcohol abuse or drug addiction who is charged with DUI may have to comply with the following:

  • AA or NA
  • Advance driver education classes
  • Behavioral health care services
  • Restitution to any victims

Upon successful completion, the person goes to a final court appearance, and their case is diverted from the criminal system. This allows them to avoid having a criminal conviction on their record since the case is dismissed.

To successfully navigate the criminal justice system in the Bay Area, it is wise to hire the best San Francisco DUI lawyer as soon as possible.


Legal Representation in San Francisco County

Facing DUI consequences in the Bay Area can be intimidating, and having superior legal representation improves your chances of receiving minimal penalties. Taking part in DUI services offered by the state is an excellent option.

The Law Office of Valery Nechay can help you consider your choices and choose a path for your defense that is right for your circumstances. I can guide you through the process and offer relevant information and legal advice.

It’s my goal to ensure that my clients are happy with my services. Whether you successfully complete the diversion program or require more complicated representation, I can help you move on with your life. Contact my criminal law office today for a free consultation, where we will lay the foundation for a good attorney-client relationship and a better future.


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