Dont just take my word, listen to my happy clients.

Reaching out to Ms. Nechay was the only good decision I made during my run in with the law. I was arrested for urinating in public and public intoxication. She immediately dove into my case by learning local laws and jurisdiction in a state where she does not practice. She obtained my arrest report and Police car/body cam footage of the arrest. She found multiple discrepancies between the Police report and the actual events that unfolded.
She quickly contacted the prosecutor who oversaw my case and convinced him to dismiss all charges before my appointed court date. I was required to inform my employer of the arrest and charges. Ms. Nechay provided several hours of her time to help coach me how to deal with that dicey process. I could not have asked for a better outcome both legally and with my employer.
I am sincerely grateful for her diligent and effective efforts. If you find yourself requiring legal help, she is the attorney to call.

Thomas S. | June 18, 2017

“At the cutting edge of justice.”

Judge Crompton

San Francisco Superior Court

My experience with Valery Nechay was a life-learning lesson. There was a complaint filed against me, which I never experienced before, and I was prepared to give my statement without legal representation. I opted to get legal consultation from Valery to ensure the issue would be simple enough for me to handle. Little did I know, the complaint had the potential chance to ruin my life if I chose to tackle the issue on my own.
Valery explained the worst scenario of being arrested, losing my job as well as my credibility. I am so thankful for her legal advice because the planned statement I was going to present would not be sufficient to dismiss the case. It was a very sensitive subject for me to share even to Valery but she displayed professionalism and empathy for my case giving me comfort that everything was going to be okay.
Thank you so much Valery Nechay, I highly recommend you to anyone in need of a good attorney.

Extremely grateful for Ms. Nechay’s service. She is beyond understanding and will do what it takes to get you out of a bind. Seeking her services was the best thing for my case, and thanks to her it was dismissed and I couldn’t be more happy.
Darah D.

I am having a difficult time articulating how incredibly helpful Valery is in a single review. She successfully – and quickly – sealed a 6-year old arrest record I had in a very remote county in CA where she does not regularly appear.
This arrest record was putting me in so much distress because it 1) existed in the first place and 2) appeared in your regular old Google search should you (or a current/future employer) enter my name in a browser. Valery seriously knows her stuff – she immediately knew what avenue to take to seal my record quickly, collaborated with the court systems (this particular court system is notoriously slow by the way), and had my arrest record sealed and removed from the web in a matter of no time.
Moreover, Valery genuinely understood how much I needed her help and prioritized my needs. She is wonderful – seriously. I could not recommend a better attorney.
Nicole A.

Valery is the best in the business when it comes to high performance Counsel required to tackle an array of cases where the threshold is just starting to kick in for seeking outside guidance.I was very impressed with her uncanny ability to utilize laser sharp focus in order to identify why the case was a win.
After the win, she followed up promptly with the appropriate items required to close the case. Again, very impressed with her expertise, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in her field.

Jeff S.

Valery is a young star who saved my case. Another lawyer had made a mess of things by trying to hide crucial information from the court. Valery fixed everything and achieved an outcome that was optimal for our family.
A few points about Valery: (1) She is persuasive and spirited in defending her clients. She makes strong points and won’t give up even when she faces heavy opposition. Even when the judge or DA get loud or aggressive, Valery just gets aggressive herself. (2) She has empathy for her clients. I am a young housewife and am currently dealing with a medical situation. Valery was understanding, listened to my family’s needs, and genuinely cared about achieving the best outcome for my family. Even when our baby would cry on the phone when we were talking to her, she was understanding and did not complain.
(3) She is a moral and upstanding person. She was outraged by the irresponsible behavior of our previous lawyer and we felt like she was not just fighting for us, she was fighting to make sure the right thing happened and justice was achieved. (4) She is a fantastic logical thinker.  She was able to quickly assess the whole picture of the case and identify the key information we needed to present to the judge. After she did this, the whole response from the court changed. She anticipated the objections she would meet and worked with us to prepare evidence in advance so that she would be successful.
I like Valery a lot. I even feel glad to have met her as a friend. If you are unjustly accused of something (or just need a great lawyer who will fight for your rights), definitely go with her.

Yibb L.

We consulted with Ms. Nechay regarding a civil rights issue involving a family member. She is knowledgeable, professional, personable and highly competent in her law practice. She is also respectful and compassionate and takes the time to build rapport with clients.
I recommend her services to prospective clients, family members and others seeking a fair resolution to a legal challenge. In our case, she secured the desired outcome and spent the necessary time to inform our family about the legal issues and her strategy to address them. She does her homework and it pays off!
She has also distinguished herself nationally as one of the top ranked attorneys under age 40, and she clearly deserves this recognition.

Miriam S.

I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, but that’s hard to keep in mind when your facing multiple violent felonies/misdemeanor for a crime you didn’t commit. Valery was definitely a blessing in disguise for me and my family.
I had already had a lawyer when I found Valery through yelp; her excellent reviews and calming way she spoke to me instantly made me want a consultation. She made it very convenient for us to meet for the first time. After explaining to her my multiple cases in two different counties, she was very honest, direct and immediately made me realize she was the one.
That day I fired my previous lawyer, who by the way did absolutely nothing for me or my case. Valery always kept me updated on what was going on with my case. She was always professional and on time for court. She did more for my case in 1 month then my last lawyer did in the 6months I obtained him. She was very fair with pricing and flexible when it came time to a payment arrangement. She was also able to exonerate my bail which was a huge relief for me.
After everything was said and done I was able to get a trespass with no jail time! Very Big and an absolute win for me. I love Valery and will forever appreciate what she did for me.

Melissa J.

You won’t find a more capable attorney. Give her a call talk with her once and you will have no doubt that she’s a great attorney.

Keith T.

I am very grateful that I found Ms. Valery to help me fight my case. She is very kind, passionate & dedicated on what she does. She made me feel like I am not just a client but also a friend that she got its back throughout the fight.
She is trustworthy, dependable, detail oriented, & at last she has the heart to do everything that she can for her client to win his/her case. I will definitely be her comeback client and recommend her to anyone that I know that will need her help!
Thank you for all that you did for me Ms. Valery! I wish you all the best! It was a pleasure working with you!

Ann A.

Shes the best hands down. Getting your first case is no joke so i decided to get one of the best lawyers, so i hired valery. Shes one of the best lawyers in sf from the moment i talked to her i knew i was in good hands.
The DA would of charged me if it wasn’t for her. She’s smart beautiful and won’t let you down. I promise. hire valery as your lawyer, you won’t regret it.

Eduardo A.

Valery gave her full attention to my case. She took the time to explain the process, my options, and help me understand how to navigate my life during a difficult and painful time. She is an outstanding legal professional and the one to call should you find yourself in legal trouble.

Kelly F. | June 30, 2017

“I endorse this lawyer. A passionate and skilled advocate ready for a challenge. An attorney who will fight for you!”
Attorney D.L. Rencher

Valery help me out tremendously. Her ability to think quickly and approach my sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism and Being aggressive advocate in my defense got my case dismissed. Thank you Valery.

Chicarrito H.

Because of Valerie’s quick thinking and actions she was able to track down the crucial and exonerating video surveillance before arraignment, which would have expired in another day. This was a critical piece for our case being dismissed. Valerie kept us informed on every step. Thank you Valerie for a great work!
Yelena M.

I don’t easily TRUST. It must be earned in my book. I contacted Valery in a very panic Mom mode and she assured me in her business like tone that I had nothing to worry about. The last time this exact comment was said to me was when someone hacked my bank account and left me almost zero. So when she said, “You have nothing to worry about, I will be happy to take this case head on!” Somehow I felt relieve that I was speaking to someone who can help.
This incredible and amazing attorney provided the services beyond our expectations and allowed my princess to be able to move forward into a healthy future. If you or anyone you know needs help navigating through the legal system in CA contact Valery Nechay. She provides full due diligence and investigative work to ensure your case has all the facts and truths presented to the court systems.
Thank you again Valery. We will continue to retain you for our legal services needs. You are truly a blessing.
Jdrns M.

I selected her law office after reading all the laudatory Yelp reviews, and I hired her within hours of learning about my case.
Valery helped steer me through the nuances of quashing a malicious nuisance suit, and spent many hours corresponding with me to draft a superb Motion to the Superior Court, which persuaded the judge to rule in our favor. It went very smoothly as she predicted.
She was very compassionate and generous with her time, and gathered the evidence necessary to expose the petitioner, and was succinct and persuasive at the hearing.
I was extremely relieved to prevail in court thanks to Valery going the extra mile and saving my reputation.
Kent H.

Valery is a fantastic lawyer! She fought very hard every step of the way for me, was very open and honest, and turned criminal felony charges with prison exposure into an optimal misdemeanor plea with only 6 months of probation and expungement. In the end I was only required to pay minimal court fees and fines after facing thousands of dollars in restitution.
I highly recommend Valery. Not only was she a great with the legal proceedings, but she was available at all times and helped me get through the process emotionally as well. I instantly felt more comfortable with my situation when I met her, and I can’t imagine a better result with any other lawyer. 5/5

Chris M.

At the time we retained Ms. Nechay, my family member had already been sentenced. Valery saved the day and fixed everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Our previous attorney had deliberately misled the court and concealed the fact that we had an imminent move out of state. This led to a plea deal with terms that were terrible for our family. It could have led to a separation between our members of our family, including our young child, due to a requirement to live in a certain state that would have caused irreparable damage.
Ms. Nechay completely reversed the Court’s decision on the old plea and helped us secure a new plea for a reduced charge and a *much* lighter sentence that would allow us to live out of state as we required. She thoughtfully worked with us to rally key evidence and aggressively represented us against the DA. She was sensitive to the fact that the case stemmed from a medical situation.
Valery was always available to communicate when we needed her, was upfront about key decisions in the case, and was a zealous advocate for our case and our rights. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet her earlier in the case before our previous, dishonest lawyer began representing us.
After the case, Valery continued to be helpful with follow-up matters even after her fee was already paid. She cares about doing the right thing.
I would *highly* recommend Ms. Nechay to anyone who needs a defense attorney.

T B.

I found Valery after I was charged with a serious case that involved multiple, violent felonies with exposure to many years in prison. I was terrified despite the fact that I was a victim and had an affirmative self-defense. Although I had spoken to many lawyers, I knew she was the one for the job.
From the beginning, she was patient, thorough in her explanation of her strategy, reassuring, empathetic, and effective as my advocate. She helped me remain calm and assured everything was going to be alright and always had a positive attitude. Through her aggressive investigation and negotiation with the DA, she got my entire case dismissed before the preliminary hearing even happened.
She was a blessing to me and my family. I am confident that she is the only lawyer for anyone facing serious criminal charges.

Orlando N.

I am very grateful to have met Valery through another colleague of her. She helped me with a new law called the C.A.R.E act law which seals ones records if he/she has no conviction off of any charges or arrests.
As this legislation is new, Valery represented me at the time where only a very few and handful of attorneys are working on this. I was furious to get this done asap and Valery worked on the petition in a very efficient manner yet smoothly and expeditiously. The hearing was concluded in favor of my rights. Valery was knowledgeable, confident, and very attentive to my questions and supportive to my cause. And above all that, she continues to extend her advice even after the case is closed.
I would not hesitate recommending her to any friend or relative of need.

M. H.

Valery is superb. I came to her office abxious about my case and immediately she reassured that she could solve the problem. Throughout the entire process she was readily available for any questions and concerns.
Valery is an extraordinary attorney, so much so that she was able to get my case dismissed before filing. Highly recommend!

Ari D.

I needed a lawyer to navigate the legal system for a case that was dismissed, but still on my records. I called some lawyers and they did not seem confident about being able to seal my records or even willing to hear the whole story. Then I found Valery and just by talking to her I felt she empathized with me, she was concerned about how this dismissed case will affect my future employment because of discrimination.
She was knowledgeable on how to proceed with my case and produced a great defense backed up by my innocence, research based on ethics and new laws enacted for people in my situation. I’m happy to say we won the case because of her hard work and because she cared about my best interest. No matter what kind of defense you will need, Valery will deliver expertise and confidence.

Joann G.

Valery help me out tremendously. Her ability to think quickly and approach my sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism and Being aggressive advocate in my defense got my case dismissed. Thank you Valery.

Chicharito H.

I could not be more pleased to have had such a wonderful attorney represent me! Generally I am not very fond of lawyers, but Valery change that stereotype for me. From the moment I first spoke with Her, she spent 45 minutes on the phone with me, discussing my case…..before we had even decided on whether she was going to represent me or not!
Most attorneys wont give you 5 minutes on the phone, without some sort of commitment, let alone 45 minutes giving you advice explaining her plan of attack…and asked for nothing in return. I chose Valerie to represent me because she is down to earth, highly intelligent and confident.
But most of all kind hearted. She believed in me, and that I was being truthful with her. There are no words i can write that accurately convey how grateful I am fo have found her online. She is incredibly thorough and knows her stuff! If you’re looking for an attorney who will not even consider losing as an option, she is the one!
She will Treat you as an equal and Will fight to get your case dismissed I highly recommend Valery! My family and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work she put in for us! Thank you Valery!

Andrew L.


If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you.